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2014 in review

Another 365 days and year gone by.  This year brought us our first full year of being married.  There were blessings, announcements, decisions, health scares, and celebrations.  I feel like we experienced alot of different things, and I’m grateful to have had Gary by my side through them all.

Most of all, I’m thankful for a year of understanding my God’s grace in a deeper way.  He is so, so, so good and I’m thankful that He always upholds us wherever we are and whatever is going on around us.  Once again, we leave this year grateful for the Lord’s guidance, direction, protection and healing!









  • Spent time on the lake
  • Ordered a mini wedding album
  • Started hosting our home group
  • Took a sewing class
  • Bought a new bed


  • Finished map project
  • Hosted a shower
  • Set up our guest room



  • Celebrated the Queen-Page wedding!
  • Helped host a shower


We eagerly anticipate what 2015 will bring – including a new niece that is due any day now!

May you find hope in our Savior, Jesus Christ in 2015!

Happy New Year Eve!

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