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55. walk 3 miles a day for one month

Scratching off another item from my 101!

The goal to walk {or run} 3 miles a day for one month turned out to be more difficult {motivationally speaking} than I expected but I finished my last walk earlier tonight.

April probably wasn’t the wisest month to attempt this goal, {hellooo, April showers and starting a new job}. Thankfully, I stuck it out and got it done… even if that meant walking four of the days at the mall, Target, my parents house, and our house {I never wanted to leave Target so bad}.

Overall, this was a great goal for me because it showed me how important moving every day is in helping me clear my head and giving me more energy.

Going forward, I plan on continuing 2 walks and 3 runs during my weekly schedule.

Do you prefer walking or running?


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