101 in 1001

take a photo on each anniversary – year five!

This year we decided to hire a professional photographer, Ivey Gibb – hence the better quality photo! 🙂

What a sweet five years its been, and adding a baby to the mix last October has only made me love Gary more!

Praising God for the gift of marriage, and the one who I get to call mine – G!

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101 in 1001

recap : 101 in 1001

My first 101 in 1001 timeline is finished!

One thousand and one days ago I set out to accomplish 101 tasks. I loved having a list to refer to, to remind/inspire me to try new things, to go on adventures, and to challenge myself.

When I began the list, I had just turned 27, had been married for 3 months, was living in a new state (with tentative plans for another move), and wasn’t working. Alot of changing and growing has happened, and I’m thankful for God’s grace that has sustained and carried me through.

My biggest practical take away in creating this kind of list was not listing so many weekly items. It proved to be a little overwhelming and hard to keep track of those – especially over 1001 days.

Overall I finished 49 of the items, began 26, and didn’t attempt 26 others. Maybe some of those will carry over to my next 101:) Until then, I have 3 months to accomplish my 30 before 30!