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ten year high school reunion

It’s hard to believe that next month marks ten years (ahhh, TEN YEARS!) since I graduated with 49 classmates from Central Fellowship Christian Academy.

This past weekend we had a reunion dinner in Macon to mark the occasion!  It was great to see those that were able to attend, find out where they are and what they are doing, and meet husbands/wives and hear about children!

CFCA Class of 2004 - Ten - 1

Of course, going to the reunion, made me think back on where I was ten years ago. I knew I was going off to Georgia College and that I wanted to get my degree in Public Relations, but honestly I didn’t know what that would translate into post-college.  I was happy and excited about a new adventure, but didn’t know that the Lord would use college to change my faith from an idea to a personal relationship.

Whenever someone asks when I accepted Christ, I tell them that while I professed to be a Christian growing up {I accepted Christ as my Savior and Redeemer when I was in elementary school}, it was in college that my faith became more than words I said.

In college, I realized choosing Christ in everything had to be my choice – and my only choice.  There were plenty of options around me that didn’t involve a life with Christ and it wasn’t until I was taken out of my comfort zone that I realized how important this decision was.  It was then also, that I realized how thankful I was for the things my parents and school instilled in me growing up {having a personal relationship with Him, seeking the Lord in His Word and prayer, being involved in a local church, sharing with others about Him… thanks Mom and Dad}!

I’m thankful for the happiness I’ve found in knowing Christ personally and that these last ten years He has drawn me closer to Himself and given me a deeper understanding of how holy He is, and how undeserving I am of His grace.

psalm 37:23-24 | Atwell Adventures

So thankful for the Lord upholding my hand these last ten years!


5 thoughts on “ten year high school reunion

  1. I don’t mean this in any way, just pure curiosity – why do people believe we are undeserving of His Grace? Of course, I do feel flattered and humbled when I know I receive it, I also know He loves us. It’s my feeling that Grace and love almost go hand-in-hand, if that makes sense. Enlighten me 🙂

    1. Hey Brandie! It’s like any gift; while I appreciate and am thankful for it, I may not always feel I deserve it. But even more so, when I think about the sacrifice that was required so that I may obtain His grace {He – a perfect sacrifice – laid down His life for me – a sinner!} I definitely don’t feel worthy at all! Hope that helps in explaining how grateful I am for grace and a relationship I don’t deserve! 🙂

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