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no watering required

I have a little problem: I struggle at keeping plants alive.

I remember one of the first times G sent me flowers, he sent me a hydrangea plant {like still in the dirt plant}.  I loved it! The gift that keeps on giving… so I thought.  But just two weeks later I found myself trying to give it some extra love {since I had neglected it for a few days} and I either drowned it or overexposed it in the sun.  I promised G that I would try to take better care of our children one day {fingers crossed}.

So when my green black thumb came across these framed prints about a year ago, I jumped on them even though at the time I didn’t know where to use them. I actually found the outer two first and then about a week later found the middle and another that is not pictured. The frames of the first two are a bit different but they are almost the same size {the fourth was completely different}.  And with a quick coat of paint I planned on giving them, I hoped it would be less noticeable anyways.


I read about Young House Love’s frame updates with spray paint a few months ago so I used that as my go to for advice.  I used the same spray paint they used – Rust-Oleum’s All Surface Spray Paint and Primer in Satin White.  Once I finished taping off my frames, I was ready to spray.


I tried to remember that more thin coats are better than a few thick ones – which I think cut down on the sticky feeling I’ve had when working with some spray paints.  It also cut down on drying time.

After 4 thin coats, I felt good with the coverage and it was finally time to see how they looked.

Unwrapping them was my favorite part of the project… here they are!

botanical prints | atwell adventures
After G got out his favorite wedding gift – the tool box {thanks M & A!} – we finally had something on our walls! And the best thing is, these flowers do not require any watering. Yes, please, and thank you.


I am a little iffy with the scale of these prints over the couch. I love the idea of some floating shelves like pictured here…

wall inspiration

But again, for now I’m happy to have things on the walls. Progress… not perfection.
psst – I know botanical prints aren’t everyone’s things but if you are interested in some and don’t randomly come across four framed prints like me, I saw and pinned 25 botanical images to my future home pinterest board.  Love them!


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