Monthly Goals

may 2014 goals

My heads still spinning a little bit from April, but I’m finally picking up a routine of what to expect.  I’m excited about all the things we have going on in May – and its hard to believe that our one year anniversary is just around the corner.  I hope the summer heat decides to stay away for a little bit longer, or at least not be as intense.  Who am I kidding, I live in Georgia!

Onto May goals…

  • run three times a week, and walk two times a week
  • organize closet, go through clothes, donate what I’m not wearing/using
  • hang curtains
  • be intentional with my time at home on Monday’s
  • go back to only eating out once a week
  • update budget once a week
  • drink 72oz of water a day – let’s try this again!
  • begin to plan for one year anni

As for April goals, I didn’t get to cross off most things, however I feel good about improving overall in most of the areas.

  • drink 72 oz of coffee water a day {#46 on my 101 in 1001 list} – nope… the lowest amount I drank was 48oz which is an improvement overall, but still didn’t complete the goal
  • finish Couch to 10k {#51 on my list} Yay I did it!
  • walk or run 3 miles a day {#55 on my 101 in 1001 list} Just wrote about it last night!
  • use Kitchenaid Mixer once a week –  one of those being to make homemade bread I made the homemade bread, Easter cupcakes, a no bake cheesecake, and our weekly pizza dough. I didn’t use it once a week, but I’m starting to feel more comfortable using it.
  • host Sara’s baby shower – We decided to reschedule until after Baby Miles arrives!  Can’t wait for everyone to meet him!
  • stay on top of meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking – I’m going to give myself an A for Effort on this one, although I don’t consider it complete.  I did well on meal planning, grocery shopping, and even a little meal prepping on Monday’s, but there were two nights where we ate out during the week – something I’d like not to make a regular habit.

What are your May goals?



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