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st. patrick’s day treat

I know we’re still a few days away from St. Patrick’s Day, but I had to finish these early so they make it in the mail to my favorite little leprechauns {also known as, my nephews and nieces}!

Rainbow Seeds | Atwell Adventures.001

Every so often, I try to send things {usually candy} in the mail to family.  I love getting things in the mail {as told here} – but even more than that – I love getting videos of my nephews and nieces opening surprises in the mail, while their parents usually comment on the excessive amounts of sugar the children hold in their hands. What else are aunts and uncles for? 🙂

I saw the idea of a “rainbow seeds” a few weeks ago on Pinterest and decided to create some of my own.  Once I finished creating the label, I printed on cardstock, folded down the middle, and secured it to a snack size ziploc bag of rainbow seeds {chewy sweet tarts}.  A sweet, colorful, inexpensive treat from Aunt Rachel & Uncle Gary {which hopefully they will remember for and ever when asked who is their favorite}!

Rainbow Seeds | Atwell Adventures.002

Do you send surprises in the mail?


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