101 in 1001

95. take a sewing class

Last fall, I became interested in sewing.  I’m not really sure why – I’d never sewed before – but suddenly it seemed like a fun hobby to pick up!  {Ok, let’s be honest, I can probably blame pinterest…}

So for my birthday {last October} G surprised me with a sewing machine! I was excited but also intimidated by this machine that I had zero clue how to operate it.  Months went by, my machine sat untouched.  Finally after a few different searches, I looked up Joanne’s class schedule – and what do you know, they were having an intro to sewing class that Saturday!

I called, made arrangements, asked about details, and built up excitement for the class. And when I arrived that Saturday, the excitement quickly began to fade.

Turns out, the person I spoke to had no clue what they were talking about, and I actually had missed the class, which had been rescheduled to earlier that morning. {wommmmp, womp}

As I was finding all of this out, another woman {who also was told wrong} and I were talking to the instructor and she said she could stay over and teach the class anyways! Even though the error wasn’t hers, she was so nice and accommodating.

The class itself lasted a little under two hours and we were able to go over most of the machine and a few basic stitches.

While, I’m not sewing patterns yet, this class gave me a nudge in the right direction to practice and not to be scared that I’ll mess things up – and that if I do, its ok. I’m also looking forward to taking another class soon… hopefully we’ll all just get the times right!

sewing class | Atwell Adventures

ps – I’m not sure if all stores will do this, but I used a competitor coupon and got 40% off the class!


With Our Family

st. patrick’s day treat

I know we’re still a few days away from St. Patrick’s Day, but I had to finish these early so they make it in the mail to my favorite little leprechauns {also known as, my nephews and nieces}!

Rainbow Seeds | Atwell Adventures.001

Every so often, I try to send things {usually candy} in the mail to family.  I love getting things in the mail {as told here} – but even more than that – I love getting videos of my nephews and nieces opening surprises in the mail, while their parents usually comment on the excessive amounts of sugar the children hold in their hands. What else are aunts and uncles for? 🙂

I saw the idea of a “rainbow seeds” a few weeks ago on Pinterest and decided to create some of my own.  Once I finished creating the label, I printed on cardstock, folded down the middle, and secured it to a snack size ziploc bag of rainbow seeds {chewy sweet tarts}.  A sweet, colorful, inexpensive treat from Aunt Rachel & Uncle Gary {which hopefully they will remember for and ever when asked who is their favorite}!

Rainbow Seeds | Atwell Adventures.002

Do you send surprises in the mail?

Around the House

letters for the laundry room

No, I’m not talking about writing love letters to my laundry room.  Maybe when I finish the room, but until then here’s an art update!

Yesterday morning I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and picked up some supplies for some word fun: cardboard letters and scrapbook paper.

I traced each the letters on an individual sheet of scrapbook paper and then cut the paper letter out with scissors.  The “A” was the only letter that required me to use a rotary blade {note: using a rotary blade after drinking an espresso drink is alot harder than imagined… #shakyhands}.

laundry letters | Atwell Adventures 1

After the scrapbook paper letters were all cut out, I decide to paint the edges of the cardboard letters white since they were going to be a little exposed once they went on the wall.  This was probably the most time consuming part of the project, and by time consuming I mean 10 minutes {I like to keep things simple}.  Once they were dry, I got my trusty glue adhesive tape and secured the paper to the cardboard.  I’ve read some instructions where some people modge podge letters to cardboard, but I like that I have the option of changing it up if I get tired of my green ikat print.  But let’s be honest… will I ever get tired of ikat print?

laundry letters | Atwell Adventures 2And now all that’s left to do is hang them!

Onto the next items on my laundry list…