101 in 1001

95. take a sewing class

Last fall, I became interested in sewing.  I’m not really sure why – I’d never sewed before – but suddenly it seemed like a fun hobby to pick up!  {Ok, let’s be honest, I can probably blame pinterest…}

So for my birthday {last October} G surprised me with a sewing machine! I was excited but also intimidated by this machine that I had zero clue how to operate it.  Months went by, my machine sat untouched.  Finally after a few different searches, I looked up Joanne’s class schedule – and what do you know, they were having an intro to sewing class that Saturday!

I called, made arrangements, asked about details, and built up excitement for the class. And when I arrived that Saturday, the excitement quickly began to fade.

Turns out, the person I spoke to had no clue what they were talking about, and I actually had missed the class, which had been rescheduled to earlier that morning. {wommmmp, womp}

As I was finding all of this out, another woman {who also was told wrong} and I were talking to the instructor and she said she could stay over and teach the class anyways! Even though the error wasn’t hers, she was so nice and accommodating.

The class itself lasted a little under two hours and we were able to go over most of the machine and a few basic stitches.

While, I’m not sewing patterns yet, this class gave me a nudge in the right direction to practice and not to be scared that I’ll mess things up – and that if I do, its ok. I’m also looking forward to taking another class soon… hopefully we’ll all just get the times right!

sewing class | Atwell Adventures

ps – I’m not sure if all stores will do this, but I used a competitor coupon and got 40% off the class!



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