High Five for Friday

high five for friday

(Taps mic) Hello? Oh, gooood still works:)

Hello from hot and humid Martinez, Georgia.  I say hot and humid because that’s the only thing on my mind right now.  You see, this morning when I woke up, going for a run sounded not-so-fun, but I knew I needed to go today to help meet my monthly goal so I told myself I’d go after work.


The heat index was 102! Noooo, thank you. Three and a half miles later {which about 1/4 of that was walking} I get home and I’m practically a puddle. Lesson learned: get my bum out of bed in the MORNING and exercise.

Now, onto more positive things – like high fives!  Let’s see, these will span over the last few weeks since there’s been little updates from me, so here goes!

1. G’s mom got an outstanding report from the doctor last week! High five for answered prayers!

2. Speaking of good reports and answered prayers, my sister is halfway through her pregnancy and they found out yesterday that IT’S A GIRL! High five for being an aunt again {this one makes #10}!

3. These last few weeks have been a little crazy at work for G, but I think we’re back to normal. High five for being finished with overtime!

4. A friend from church let me borrow Trim Healthy Mama! High five for learning more about the plan I’ve been hearing about for so long!

5. Last weekend I decided it was finally time to purchase the rest of our dishes from our wedding registry. Thankfully, we still had/have gift cards from our wedding! High five for shopping and not spending any of our monthly budget!

Hope you all have a great weekend! And remember, get your bottoms out of bed in the morning;)


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