Monthly Goals

august 2014 goals

August in August-a… this should be fun!

Here are my g-o-a-l-s for the m-o-n-t-h! {Did I ever mention I was a cheerleader in high school?}

  • take a sewing class
  • sew table skirt
  • check in on the MyFitnessPal and Envelope apps everyday
  • complete two sets of invites
  • go kayaking
  • research Whole30 and Trim Healthy Mama
  • start searching for a new headboard and bed frame
  • complete 56 miles {about 36m running and 20m walking}

Oh and July goals? Simple, sweet and all of them complete! {I was also a star poet… I just didn’t know it.*}

  • celebrate our one year anniversary – we LOVED traveling to Portland, Maine
  • create a grateful list from our first year of marriage – just finished this a few nights ago with G; what a sweet year to think back on!
  • take a picture on our anniversary {with and without a photo from our wedding day}one year anniversary photo: check!
  • explore a new city – little did we know when we went to Maine, that the last leg of our flight would get cancelled and we’d actually explore a few different cities on our drive

What are your August goals?

*please excuse the lame “humor” woven throughout this post… it’s been a long week 😉


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