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12 days of…

Last year, on December 10 to be exact, I got a little note in the mail from G.

And then I got another. And another.

And seven more over the next seven days.

And then on December 22, we got dressed up and headed off to Atlanta for our Christmas date!

12 days - 1 | Atwell Adventures
It was so sweet to be back with him {we were long distance throughout our relationship} and it was exciting that he was going to get to stay for more than 24 hours!

12 days - 2 | Atwell Adventures

On the way home, we stopped for Starbucks {I hadn’t had Starbucks in a whole month!} and then continued to make our way back to my parents house.

To my surprise, Starbucks wasn’t the end of our date.

As we neared the house, G told me to close my eyes.

As I held my eyes shut and the car was parked.  I heard a familiar song.

And then I knew.

G was proposing.

It truly didn’t feel real {which he can probably attest to by the fact I kept touching his face to make sure I wasn’t in a dream – TRUE STORY}.

He still had one more card to finish what I now affectionately call the “12 days of Christmas Our Relationship”.

Each card had a significant date in our relationship and the last one read*, “December 22, 2012”.

It was hard to focus and I was so, so, so overwhelmed with JOY and THANKFULNESS. After alot of sweet words {that I asked him to say again later}, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.



I was going to be G’s wife!

While I probably can’t tell you how many lords a leaping or swans swimming there are, I can tell you that those 12 notes I received last December we’re some of the best I’ve ever gotten.

12 days - 3 | Atwell Adventures

And I can’t believe its been a whole year!  

Couldn’t have asked for a better year of engagement and 5 months and 15 days of marriage!

Thanks G, for making our engagement such a beautiful memory!

*I didn’t actually see this note until later that night – after we were engaged – due to a little mix-up on a certain baby sisters part.  It’s ok, Ruch… I wouldn’t have been able to comprehend it anyways;)


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