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decorating for our first Christmas

As I write this, I am wrapped up in a blanket {we’ve yet to turn on the heat}, sipping some hot chocolate with a giant marshmallow, and staring at this view.

First Christmas | Atwell Adventures 1
Ahhh, Christmas.

I was so excited to decorate for our first Christmas! The only problem – our move fell on December 4, so we had to wait until after our move was complete to purchase our tree and decorations.  Booooo.  Imagine me feeling like a scrooge when our house had nothing but a wreath on the door for the first 9 days of December.

As it turns out though, it was worth waiting a few extra days because we got some beautiful things – and memories – to begin our Christmas collection!

The Monday after our move, we ventured out for some lights, ornaments, wrapping paper, and a tree.

We found a local tree stand less than a mile from our house and brought home our first Christmas tree! 

First Christmas | Atwell Adventures 2

First Christmas | Atwell Adventures 5

As for tree decorations, we kept it pretty simple for the colors – golds, silvers, whites – and used just a little over 50 ornaments.  Our tree topper is actually an ornament that G carefully placed and made it look like a topper.

I also made one ornament, which has still yet to be placed on our tree.  So far its my favorite.

First Christmas | Atwell Adventures 3

It’s a basic glass ornament with one of our wedding invitations inside.  I cut up one of our wedding invitations {white} and envelopes {gold}, “curled” them, and placed them inside the ornament.  Now I just have to find some string to hang it.

Another favorite? Our stockings!

First Christmas | Atwell Adventures 6

Finding stockings that we both liked, weren’t too expensive, and are somewhat neutral was alot harder than I expected. But when I found these and showed them to G after he got home from work last week – we made an order!  I’m thinking of getting our monograms in white, but may wait until next year to see if I really like the idea {but let’s be honest, when do I NOT like a monogram;)}.

First Christmas | Atwell Adventures 7

Speaking of white, you may see some white peeking out of the base of our tree.  We still haven’t found a tree skirt that we love so right now, we just have one of our white quilt underneath, which actually kind of works and G says looks like snow:)

I love to look at our tree all lit up – especially at night.  I only wish we had a pullout sofa so we could sleep by it!

First Christmas | Atwell Adventures 4

Merry Christmas from our new home to yours!

ps – that’s one more off my 101 in 1001: decorate for Christmas!

101 in 1001 | Atwell Adventures (small)


7 thoughts on “decorating for our first Christmas

  1. What is there not to love about this post?!? You are so cute with your memory making pictures – thanks for taking us along for the ride 🙂 We just moved into my in-laws basement to save up for a house and JUST put up our tree earlier in the week. I was also feeling a bit like a scrooge. I usually indulge in the holiday all month long, but having to wait to decorate made it harder to feel the spirit of the season!

    1. You’re sweet! This year we’ll both have to be better about enjoying our decorations all December! Congrats on the new move AND saving money!

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