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blooming on belle

Fourteen days ago we moved out of our town home and into our 1957 “project”. I miss a lot of things about our town home… you know, calling our landlord when anything went wrong, non-commercial tile floor, a functioning dishwasher, and not having boxes lying around, but I digress.

We moved to the Augusta area in December 2013. A few weeks prior, we started our long distance search and settled on this space. We had no idea how long we’d be here, so it was fun making this space ours during our first 2.5 years in Augusta.


Don’t worry… all these faces moved with us and will be reappearing soon. That is, until we get a new Christmas card from you all 🙂 (Let us know if you need our new address!)bloomingonbelle6340_1024bloomingonbelle6352_1024

So many memories in this room… home groups, game nights, parties, showers, goodbyes, dinners, Atwell Nephew Niece Adventures. Full and grateful heart.



Belle Court, you helped us bloom here in our city. Thanks for all the memories. 🙂



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Atwell Adventures

the time we got freaked out by our neighbors

Yesterday as I pulled in our little driveway, I noticed something: Gary moved our hanging flower baskets {that still don’t have flowers in them}!

I had thought to myself a few days before how I wished the baskets were a little more visible, but didn’t really know how to fix them without reinstalling hooks… which I wasn’t going to take on this week.

Apparently though, the hooks had been there the whole time and my husband decided to move them for me for a little ten month-a-versary treat.  Way to go, babe!

Except, he didn’t.

When I thanked him for moving them so that they were more obvious, he acted like he had no idea what I was talking about.

Now I will say, Gary has a pretty good poker face, but after asking him about 15 times if he really didn’t move them, I finally believed him.

And then was really freaked out that someone was at our doorstep, moving our baskets.

I took a picture to send to my family and explain the weird situation when I also noticed – they moved our wreath too!!!

Spring exterior 2014 | Atwell Adventures

Seriously, we must have the weirdest – and boldest – neighbors ever!

As we were driving away to dinner, I remembered reading on our community message board: “Pressure washing will be taking place May 5-10 in our neighborhood.  We will try to take care of anything that is on the exterior.”


So thank you, pressure washing company, for mildew-free siding, freaking us out for a few minutes, and for your exterior decorating updates.

How much do we owe you?

Atwell Adventures

in the neighborhood

Although we only lived in our North Carolina apartment for five months, I always thought it was a little strange – and sad – that we didn’t get to know our neighbors.  When we moved to our new home in December, we wanted to make sure that didn’t happen again.

So last Tuesday, we invited our little section of the neighborhood {about seven houses} over for dinner!  You’ve got to start somewhere right?

Neighbor Dinner | Atwell Adventures.001

We really didn’t know how it would be received.  Would anyone come? Would everyone come? Would we be the weird neighbors from here on out? {don’t answer that last one 🙂 }

On Thursday before the dinner, we had four people from two houses saying they would be joining us. Hooray!

It was minimal effort on our part: adding a few chairs and table to our dining area, and preparing a simple menu {barbecue chicken, cole slaw, chips, baked/fried pickles, and brownies and ice cream for dessert}.

Neighbor Dinner | Atwell Adventures.002 copy

Neighbor Dinner | Atwell Adventures.003

I’m thankful that we’ve been blessed with a home we can open up and get to know a few of the people that live near us!

ps – Oh and I can’t forget a picture of the host himself reading before the neighbs came over. {please note: the book is upside down}

Neighbor Dinner | Atwell Adventures.004