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the time we got freaked out by our neighbors

Yesterday as I pulled in our little driveway, I noticed something: Gary moved our hanging flower baskets {that still don’t have flowers in them}!

I had thought to myself a few days before how I wished the baskets were a little more visible, but didn’t really know how to fix them without reinstalling hooks… which I wasn’t going to take on this week.

Apparently though, the hooks had been there the whole time and my husband decided to move them for me for a little ten month-a-versary treat.  Way to go, babe!

Except, he didn’t.

When I thanked him for moving them so that they were more obvious, he acted like he had no idea what I was talking about.

Now I will say, Gary has a pretty good poker face, but after asking him about 15 times if he really didn’t move them, I finally believed him.

And then was really freaked out that someone was at our doorstep, moving our baskets.

I took a picture to send to my family and explain the weird situation when I also noticed – they moved our wreath too!!!

Spring exterior 2014 | Atwell Adventures

Seriously, we must have the weirdest – and boldest – neighbors ever!

As we were driving away to dinner, I remembered reading on our community message board: “Pressure washing will be taking place May 5-10 in our neighborhood.  We will try to take care of anything that is on the exterior.”


So thank you, pressure washing company, for mildew-free siding, freaking us out for a few minutes, and for your exterior decorating updates.

How much do we owe you?


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