Around the House

blooming on belle

Fourteen days ago we moved out of our town home and into our 1957 “project”. I miss a lot of things about our town home… you know, calling our landlord when anything went wrong, non-commercial tile floor, a functioning dishwasher, and not having boxes lying around, but I digress.

We moved to the Augusta area in December 2013. A few weeks prior, we started our long distance search and settled on this space. We had no idea how long we’d be here, so it was fun making this space ours during our first 2.5 years in Augusta.


Don’t worry… all these faces moved with us and will be reappearing soon. That is, until we get a new Christmas card from you all 🙂 (Let us know if you need our new address!)bloomingonbelle6340_1024bloomingonbelle6352_1024

So many memories in this room… home groups, game nights, parties, showers, goodbyes, dinners, Atwell Nephew Niece Adventures. Full and grateful heart.



Belle Court, you helped us bloom here in our city. Thanks for all the memories. 🙂



Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 9.41.23 PM.png


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