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searching for a new place when you’re long distance

We found a new home!  Imagine me doing a little dance a la Leslie Knope…

But before the dancing began, there were many prayers and hours of online searching that had to happen.  More than ever I was thankful to be at home during the day so I search for our options.  

To start off the search, I messaged a few friends that live in the area and asked for recommendations.  The responses gave me a better idea of the area, what places to avoid, and what to expect for cost of living.

The next step was searching on Trulia. Trulia allows you to specify if you’re looking to rent or buy {renting for us}, and also lets you filter with things like minimum/maximum price, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.  While I tried to be open and look at alot of different things in the beginning, we eventually narrowed down our search to what we really wanted – a 2Bed, 2Bath space.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 1.50.38 PM

After about a two weeks of serious searching, we scheduled some appointments and made our way down to the Augusta area to see some of the places!  We only stayed for about 24 hours but were able to visit 8 properties {1 townhome, 3 apartments and 4 condos} during that time.

Two of the most helpful things for us during our search were our camera and a spreadsheet I created and printed before hand.  The camera was great because although you can usually find photos online, sometimes the way those pictures are taken can make the space seem bigger than it really is.  The spreadsheet was helpful, because it allowed me to ask all of the things we needed to know about the property without having to take notes {my columns were for the listing name, square footage, beds, baths, on-site maintenance, lawn care, open floorplan, closet space, neighborhood, patio/porch, Washer/Dryer, gym, pool, miles for G’s commute, and monthly rent}.

Apartment Search |Atwell Adventures

After visiting the properties, there were some definite no’s, some that were a little bit of a stretch for us, and one that we really liked.  We gave ourselves just a little over a week and decided to go ahead and follow up with the one we really liked, and thankfully it was still available!

So now the fun part begins: securing our moving plans!

Which probably will fall just TWO weeks from today!


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