During Our Marriage

in sickness and in health

So remember a couple of weeks ago when I wrote a note to my mr. and thanked him for putting up with my whining while I was sick?  And then I told you about my visit to the doctor before the marine ball?

Well I finally got an answer for my unexplained yuck after I went back to the doctor with an earache last week.  After some more bloodwork the nurse said I should probably come back and talk to the doctor.

Because I had MONO. 

Happy holidays and moving to us! {I say “us” because there may have been some germs/drinks/kisses shared over the last month.} Thankfully, I think the worst is over.  My energy level is still lower than normal, but I can handle that over headaches/fever/earaches.

As for G*, he’s yet to have any of my symptoms {whewwwww!}.

*But watch your back, Atwell, one wrong move and I may get generous!  And on that note, want to watch Pride & Prejudice {again} tonight? I promise to make you some more of my special brownies!


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