Atwell Adventures

2013 marine ball

I’m back to the land of the living!

Last Sunday afternoon until Thursday night consisted of a bottle of ibuprofen, hours under a blanket, making friends with a thermometer, making enemies with my makeup bag, and a trip to the doctor. They never figured out what it was but test came back negative for flu and parvovirus – which apparently is also a dog virus {see I told you I was enemies with my makeup bag}.


Thankfully, the fever went away on Thursday because we had the Marine Ball on Friday night.  While the thought of getting in a formal dress sounded the least bit appealing, I really wanted to be able to go with G, especially since it was his last.  

marine ball 1 | Atwell Adventures

And I’m glad I did – mostly because we got to see these friends!

marine ball 2 | Atwell Adventures

Only a few days left in the military life… crazy!


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