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dumpster dresser no more

So remember back in early 2014 {I can say that now that 1/6 of the year has gone by, right?} when I told you I went on a dumpster shopping adventure?

Well things are finally looking brighter.dumpster dresser to console | Atwell Adventures.011

Especially considering that they started like this.

dumpster dresser to console | Atwell Adventures.001

So let’s go back to New Years Eve.  I drove to our community dumpster and there was a dresser, sitting all alone in the cold.

I thought to myself, I should take this, but honestly didn’t know what I would do with it. Afterall, it was missing all the drawers.

So I left it.  Then when I found myself still thinking about it twenty-four hours later, I decided I would stop on the way home from getting groceries and see if it was still there.

It was. And now that it was beginning to rain, I decided I didn’t have time to wait for G to help me come back and load it.  This was coming home with me right then.  

So after some awkward maneuvering, I managed to get it in the back of my car {yay for SUV’s!}.

dumpster dresser to console | Atwell Adventures.002

And then I cleaned it as much as possible and moved it to its new home… a big blank wall in our living room that was wanting some furniture in front of it.

dumpster dresser to console | Atwell Adventures.003

When I picked it up on that rainy day, I knew I wouldn’t use it as a dresser, but rather as a bookcase or console.  I gave myself a few days to think about how best to go about getting it there and then I went to work.

First thing I did was to remove the drawer tracks.

dumpster dresser to console | Atwell Adventures.004 copy

With two screws each track, it only took about 10 minutes to remove all of them and already I saw improvement.

dumpster dresser to console | Atwell Adventures.004

Later that night I sent a text to one of my brother-in-laws who has recently built some tables and benches.  I asked him about different types of wood, plywood, and mdf and asked what he recommended to use for shelves and the next morning I was off to Lowe’s.

dumpster dresser to console | Atwell Adventures.005

I picked up some plywood for the shelves, and one of the small test pots of paint which I had color matched to Benjamin Moore’s Dragonfly.  I wanted the back of the case to be a different color {like seen on Young House Love} and the rest of the piece would be Olympic Country Beige, which I already had on hand from previous painting projects.

dumpster dresser to console | Atwell Adventures.006

dumpster dresser to console | Atwell Adventures.007

Once I finished all the painting, I realized because of the depth of the piece, you don’t really notice the back is a different color.  Still glad I tried it though.

The next step was to position all the shelves.  Now here’s where I tried to save a few dollars.

The measurements for the shelves to be flush on both sides were 26”.  The plywood I found at Lowe’s only came in 48” so in order to save, I had it cut down to two 24” boards.  I knew I was going to use trim to cover up the differences so I thought it would work.

dumpster dresser to console | Atwell Adventures.008

While you can still see the gaps on the sides at certain angles, I was overall pleased with how well the trim helped to conceal everything.  For the trim, I chose various widths to give it some dimension and then used liquid nails to secure the trim in place.  Once the liquid nails was set for a few minutes, I went back over with painters tape to hold it in place so it could dry.

dumpster dresser to console | Atwell Adventures.009

When all was finished drying, I peeled the tape off and started loading things on.  We still have a long way to go – and a gallery wall to arrange overhead but my dumpster piece, you’ve come along way.

dumpster dresser to console | Atwell Adventures.010

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a clean laundry room

Last month, one of my goals was to organize our laundry room.  To give you a reminder, it all started like this

laundry room before | Atwell Adventures

And after removing the stuff from the shelves, hanging the letters I made, and doing a little organizing, it now looks like this.

Laundry Room | Atwell Adventures 1

While the upper shelves in the room are nice, having stuff on them makes the room darker than it already is.  Now its a little bit brighter and I actually don’t mind folding laundry in here.  Just kidding… it’s good but not THAT good 🙂

Everything else that I worked on was listed on the to do list on my original post.

  • move small bookshelf into the room for extra storage
  • move all laundry and cleaning supplies to bookshelf
  • move miscellaneous kitchen items on left shelf
  • setup over the door ironing board
  • adjust the way the dryer door swings open
  • purchase/make some type of art for the room
  • purchase glass jars for detergent and oxy clean

My favorite changes?  1) Swinging the dryer door the other way. Hooray for not having to fold myself over the door to get things in and out of the dryer! 2) The glass jars of detergent and oxy clean. These jars are my favorite! In fact, we have three more in our kitchen.

Laundry Room | Atwell Adventures 2

Just a few things to making a small space better!

ps – five points for anyone who can spot G’s underwear in this post! 😉

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the grass is always greener

When we moved into our rental property in December we knew there was one area that could REALLY use some work – our backyard.


Ha! Too bad that above picture is not our backyard.  I wish! {keep scrolling for pics of our garden of eden}

No, when we peaked into our backyard it was lacking grass altogether but was {unfortunately} abundant in weeds, bushes that were feeling the effects of winter, and alot of dead leaves. 



The space itself isn’t that large which we like since this is our first go around at yard maintenance.

With permission from our landlords, this past Friday we spent a few hours clearing the yard out.  Gary removed the three large bushes and I tried to break up the ground and get rid of some of the weeds. After about four hours of work, we were finished of “phase 1”.   IMG_8960

Even though its just dirt right now, it’s nice to have a clean slate! Saying goodbye to those bushes and hello to those blue skies doesn’t hurt either.

For now, we plan on planting grass and maybe a small vegetable garden. We’re also trying to remember that whatever we do in the yard we have to maintain since lawn maintenance is our responsibility.

Any tips for first time lawn-ies?