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january 2014 goals

Wow-weeee! 2014!

let's do this calendarvia

I love a new calendar and all the freshness of a new year. So let’s get it started right… with goals for January! 

  • complete two painting projects
  • establish and stay within our revised budget
  • purchase bookshelves for living room
  • organize guest bedroom, closet, and laundry room
  • try a small group or Sunday School at a new church
  • start and finish book three

And for an update on December’s goals (although it makes me twitch to dip back into 2013 in a post about 2014)…

  • daily Advent readings with G to keep our minds and hearts centered on our Lord and Savior: we completed the readings, but didn’t do them everyday like scheduled.
  • purchase a washer and dryer: check!
  • start and finish book two: not finished, Christmas took over, but only about 100 pages left.
  • finish a website project: check!
  • distribute/mail wedding Thank You notes: check!
  • order and mail Christmas cards: check! 98 cards sent out on December 20 – just in time for Christmas Eve {note to self, try to send on December 1 in 2014}.
  • establish a notebook/planner/organizer for 2014: check! loving it so far.
  • continue the job hunt in the Augusta area: check! I applied for a job I think I’d really like but am also praying for direction and peace.

So all finished with 2013!

Onto this year! 2014, let’s do this!


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