High Five for Friday

high five for friday  

Spring is here! Yay for sunny days! 

1. Last Saturday we got up early and embraced the rain for Miles for Mada. High five for a fun and succesful race! 2. Monday night we had a volunteer planning meeting for our church’s Easter service. High five for everything that is in store for this eventful day!

3. On Tuesday night I enjoyed a girls night in with some friends from church. High five for popcorn, milk duds, Pride and Prejuidice, and conversations that make me stay out until 12:45am on a “school night”! 😉

4. After seeing Google’s first day of Spring reminder, I headed out to pick up flowers and ferns for our house. High five for color!   5. Tonight, G heads out for a boys adventure and I’m doing the complete opposite – taking a sewing class. High five for {hopefully} learning new things!

Happy, happy weekend!


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