High Five for Friday

high five for friday 

Friends! Tomorrow is the first Miles for Mada 5K! So in honor of that, all my high fives will be about the race! 

1. I love a good logo, and this one did not disappoint. High five to John Ross for his creativity and design!

2. We’ve had 127 people pre-register for the race – a lot of those being people from our church! High five to everyone who has signed up and supported this great mission!

3. With this year being the first year for the race, one thing that we definitely needed was sponsors. High five to everyone who donated prizes and resources!

4. The weather forecast isn’t looking so great but the trail we get to run on is one of the most beautiful in Augusta! High five for the Augusta Canal! 

5. This race was dreamed up by one of my sweet and talented friends, Julia. High five for ALL the hard work, time, energy, and dedication you’ve put into Miles for Mada! Well done, friend!

– – –

Miles for Mada will help send people (like us!) to Madagascar! To learn more about why we’re going to Madagascar or to donate, click here!

– – –

Happy weekend!


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