High Five for Friday

high five for Friday

Hiiiii. We’ve just pulled pizza out of the oven and are about to watch a movie so I’ll make this quick.

1. This past weekend we met some of my family in Milledgeville and got to see all but one of the nephews and nieces on my side. High five for a quick visit and a camera roll full of pics like this! 

2. One of my March goals is to run 3 miles each day. Easier said than done, but high five for five days strong!

3. Last night we purchased tickets from Atlanta to Madagascar! High five for our trip being that much more real now! 

4. Today when I came home from work, I expected to be spending doing a little cleaning from our home group last night. High five for my husband being a champ and cleaning it up as a surprise!

5. This weekend has a pretty clear schedule. High five for sleeping in, reading, relaxing, and a date night!

Happy weekend friends!


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