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a clean laundry room

Last month, one of my goals was to organize our laundry room.  To give you a reminder, it all started like this

laundry room before | Atwell Adventures

And after removing the stuff from the shelves, hanging the letters I made, and doing a little organizing, it now looks like this.

Laundry Room | Atwell Adventures 1

While the upper shelves in the room are nice, having stuff on them makes the room darker than it already is.  Now its a little bit brighter and I actually don’t mind folding laundry in here.  Just kidding… it’s good but not THAT good 🙂

Everything else that I worked on was listed on the to do list on my original post.

  • move small bookshelf into the room for extra storage
  • move all laundry and cleaning supplies to bookshelf
  • move miscellaneous kitchen items on left shelf
  • setup over the door ironing board
  • adjust the way the dryer door swings open
  • purchase/make some type of art for the room
  • purchase glass jars for detergent and oxy clean

My favorite changes?  1) Swinging the dryer door the other way. Hooray for not having to fold myself over the door to get things in and out of the dryer! 2) The glass jars of detergent and oxy clean. These jars are my favorite! In fact, we have three more in our kitchen.

Laundry Room | Atwell Adventures 2

Just a few things to making a small space better!

ps – five points for anyone who can spot G’s underwear in this post! 😉


5 thoughts on “a clean laundry room

  1. Beautifully done! Just wait until you have a few little Rachel’s and Gary’s running around and wear play clothes and school clothes….LOADS OF LAUNDRY!!!

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