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magazine holder update

When I went to Staples to pick up supplies for my organized dvd storage project, I also picked up a few magazine holders. I had a few large yearbooks that I wanted to get out of a drawer and onto a bookshelf, but also didn’t want to look at them all the time.

I never realized how pricey decorative magazine holders were until I started looking at them, so I decided just to pick up the cheapest ones I could find and update them.

What I found at Staples is what you see below – a black, gray and white speckled cardboard rack that matched nothing. So G and I made a stop to Michael’s and visited the scrapbook paper aisle {#AtwellAdventures for me, not so much for G 😉 }.  I found a simple geometric honeycomb pattern in mint and royal and picked up two sheets of each – one for each magazine rack I had.

Once I got home I laid out all four of my supplies: magazine holder, scrapbook paper, glue tape pen, and adhesive bookplate.

Magazine Holder DIY Update 2 | Atwell Adventures


After a few swipes of tape, I wrapped the faces and part of the sides of the magazine holder.  The final touch was adhesive bookplate.  Easy peasy!

Magazine Holder DIY Update | Atwell Adventures



The scrapbook paper doesn’t completely cover the sides, but once things are on the shelf, you don’t notice.

If you wanted to display them outside of a shelf, you could always paint them, use wrapping paper, or even a couple of sheets of scrapbook paper would do the trick.  I love that this project was an easy, inexpensive update and can be changed if I ever find something else I like more.

Magazine Holder DIY Update 3 | Atwell Adventures
Now excuse me while I go print some labels that fit! 🙂

Around the House

organized dvd storage

Want to know a secret about me? I hate wasting space.

Actually, I take that back.  I hate wasting space on things that aren’t pretty and/or functional.

So when I saw this idea about how to condense a mountain of dvd’s, I knew some all Bluerays, CDs, and DVD’s in our house were about to get a new home.  Thanks for agreeing to let me do this, G.

DVD Mess | AtwellAdventures

I found a decorative shoebox at Christmas Tree Shop for $2.50 {fun fact, Christmas Tree Shop is actually a pretty great store and interestingly enough, does not sell Christmas Trees} and picked up 2 packs of 50 cd/dvd sleeves at Staples for $5 each.

After putting each disc in its sleeve {making sure the dvd was facing out so you could see the label}, I then alphabetized them, and made some dividers to make it quicker to find.  I took a few minutes to create a little catalog to tape inside the box too, which makes picking a movie easier than thumbing through the discs.

DVD Storage 2 | Atwell Adventures

Now our Blueray/CD/DVD collection sits secretly on a shelf on our console.

DVD Storage | Atwell Adventures

Well, I guess maybe not secretly since I’m writing about it here.

Do you have a mountain of DVD’s in your house too?

Organized DVD Storage | Atwell Adventures

Around the House

a clean laundry room

Last month, one of my goals was to organize our laundry room.  To give you a reminder, it all started like this

laundry room before | Atwell Adventures

And after removing the stuff from the shelves, hanging the letters I made, and doing a little organizing, it now looks like this.

Laundry Room | Atwell Adventures 1

While the upper shelves in the room are nice, having stuff on them makes the room darker than it already is.  Now its a little bit brighter and I actually don’t mind folding laundry in here.  Just kidding… it’s good but not THAT good 🙂

Everything else that I worked on was listed on the to do list on my original post.

  • move small bookshelf into the room for extra storage
  • move all laundry and cleaning supplies to bookshelf
  • move miscellaneous kitchen items on left shelf
  • setup over the door ironing board
  • adjust the way the dryer door swings open
  • purchase/make some type of art for the room
  • purchase glass jars for detergent and oxy clean

My favorite changes?  1) Swinging the dryer door the other way. Hooray for not having to fold myself over the door to get things in and out of the dryer! 2) The glass jars of detergent and oxy clean. These jars are my favorite! In fact, we have three more in our kitchen.

Laundry Room | Atwell Adventures 2

Just a few things to making a small space better!

ps – five points for anyone who can spot G’s underwear in this post! 😉