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magazine holder update

When I went to Staples to pick up supplies for my organized dvd storage project, I also picked up a few magazine holders. I had a few large yearbooks that I wanted to get out of a drawer and onto a bookshelf, but also didn’t want to look at them all the time.

I never realized how pricey decorative magazine holders were until I started looking at them, so I decided just to pick up the cheapest ones I could find and update them.

What I found at Staples is what you see below – a black, gray and white speckled cardboard rack that matched nothing. So G and I made a stop to Michael’s and visited the scrapbook paper aisle {#AtwellAdventures for me, not so much for G 😉 }.  I found a simple geometric honeycomb pattern in mint and royal and picked up two sheets of each – one for each magazine rack I had.

Once I got home I laid out all four of my supplies: magazine holder, scrapbook paper, glue tape pen, and adhesive bookplate.

Magazine Holder DIY Update 2 | Atwell Adventures


After a few swipes of tape, I wrapped the faces and part of the sides of the magazine holder.  The final touch was adhesive bookplate.  Easy peasy!

Magazine Holder DIY Update | Atwell Adventures



The scrapbook paper doesn’t completely cover the sides, but once things are on the shelf, you don’t notice.

If you wanted to display them outside of a shelf, you could always paint them, use wrapping paper, or even a couple of sheets of scrapbook paper would do the trick.  I love that this project was an easy, inexpensive update and can be changed if I ever find something else I like more.

Magazine Holder DIY Update 3 | Atwell Adventures
Now excuse me while I go print some labels that fit! 🙂


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