High Five for Friday

high five for friday

Happy Good Friday!

1. I crossed three things from my 101 in 1001 these last two weeks!  We went to a Braves game, I ran 6 miles, and I made homemade bread.  High five for making progress!

Braves Home Opener 2014 | Atwell Adventures.007

run 6 miles | Atwell Adventures 3

homemade bread | Atwell Adventures.002

2. Speaking of six miles, we got to run it on the Augusta Canal Trail!  Absolutely beautiful! High five for living in a city that has gems like these!

Augusta canal  | Atwell Adventures 2

3. My magazine holders got a makeover. High five for easy projects!

Magazine Holder DIY Update 3 | Atwell Adventures

4. Let’s go back to the homemade bread. High five for toast!

5. This weekend we get to celebrate the thing that gives me the greatest hope in life. High five for being able to celebrate a risen Savior, who defeated the grave! This Friday really is a GOOD FRIDAY!


4 thoughts on “high five for friday

  1. I LOVE running at the canal … until I started seeing HUGE snakes. Argghhhhhh …. why they gotta run a good thing. Then I started running in N. Augusta!! 🙂

    1. AHHH! We definitely didn’t see any snakes, yikes! Where did you run in North Augusta? Would LOVE to know about more pretty places too run!

  2. You had such a productive, happy week! And running 6 miles!? Congrats! That is so inspiring.

    I hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend :).

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