Monthly Goals

february 2014 goals

I’m excited about February.  It’s a smaller month, but BIG in celebrations for us! And I’m not talking about the Superbowl…

We’ve got ourseventh month-a-versiary, Valentines Day, and most importantly, G’s birthday!  In addition to the celebrations, here are a few goals…

  • finish furniture projects (console, small bookcase, desk, side table, dresser)
  • complete couch to 5k training
  • start and finish book four
  • research (timeline, cost, tools) online and local sewing and calligraphy classes for my 101 in 1001
  • invite and host neighbors for dinner
  • start working on 2013 photo book

I feel momentum going into February so I’m excited! Much of that momentum has to do with almost completing all of my January goals!  It’s nice to start a new month with a clean slate!

  • complete two painting projects – COMPLETE – I actually completed three painting projects!
  • establish and stay within our revised budget – we established the new budget but went over with a few projects around the house
  • purchase bookshelves for living room – COMPLETE – see it here
  • organize guest bedroom, closet, and laundry room – COMPLETE – this is the most visually satisfying – thank goodness for organization and floors you can see!
  • try a small group or Sunday School at a new church – COMPLETE – we started going to a Sunday School class and start the small group this week!
  • start and finish book three – COMPLETE – I also finished book two, since I had a little bit left at the beginning of January

The only one thing I couldn’t cross off was staying within our budget.  We were working on a few projects that required us to spend a little more than our normal budget {note: our monthly budget is less than our income, so although we spent more than we would have liked, we didn’t spend more than we had}.

What are you working on in February?


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