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function over form

This past Sunday we bought our first piece of new furniture!

Since we’ve been married, we’ve picked up alot of items for our kitchen and a few things for the bathrooms – mostly all with wedding giftcards. We’ve also purchased a few of things from craigslist and thrift shops.

But since we’ve moved to our new home, our books we’re stacked high in the guest room.  We needed a bookcase.

After looking at a few different places online, we decided to go with the Target Threshold Carson Bookcase in White. I also considered the Threshold Windham bookcase, but ultimately selected the Carson for a few different reasons – it had wider shelves {and an extra shelf!}, it was a little bit taller, and lastly Downton Abbey.

What? You don’t buy things that remind you of good characters from one of your favorite tv shows? Well, call me weird.

Our bookcase, Mr. Carson,  arrived yesterday morning so G had the after dinner task of assembling it.  Once he finished, I started to “style” it with all the best tips I could remember from pinterest.  And after a few shelves were started, I called it a night and went to bed.

And then this morning G looked at it and said something about it not having any books.  haha, touchéMr. A!


He was right though.  As much as I love a “pretty bookshelf”, we had bought it because we needed space to store our books.

Sooooo, back to square one.


This time around, I’ll try to incorporate as many of our books while still balancing it with some of my random favorite pieces {I’m looking at you, ceramic cow!}.

How do you decide what goes on your bookcase?


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