Atwell Adventures

we moved!

Whew… we are back in Georgia and in our new home!

These last few days have been busy and tiring {which I’m sure is just a preview of the month ahead} but we are so excited and so grateful.

We’ve almost completely unpacked and have organized the master bedroom/closet/bathroom, living room, and kitchen, so my to do list includes organizing and sorting the remaining items in the guest bedroom and laundry room.  Well, that’s my short term to do list anyways.  There’s always decorating and rearranging to be done, right?

Until then, I’ll be blasting Sovereign Grace Music pandora station and burning my Christmas Cookie candle.



4 thoughts on “we moved!

  1. How do you manage to get all unpacked and organized so fast?! I still have a closet full of stuff that has yet to be organized/unpacked and I’ve been moved in for over 2 months now!

    1. LOL! Thankfully I have a helper {G!} but also I hate living with boxes all around. I’m avoiding the guest bedroom and closet likes its my job – it even smells like cardboard because of all the boxes #Gag;) Just take a couple of hours and get that closet squared away!

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