Monthly Goals

march 2014 goals

As I was writing on our March calendar a few days ago, I realized that we’ve been here almost three months!  We’ve had time to get settled in, establish our schedules, and are now starting to develop our community around us.  It’s exciting and I’m thankful for all the Lord is doing in our lives!

For an update on February, a memorable month for sure: our seventh month-a-versiary, our first Valentines Day together and G’s birthday!  All were marked and celebrated, and with the busyness, my goals went a little undone.

  • finish furniture projects (console, small bookcase, desk, side table, dresser) With the weird weather and spending time on my console/bookcase {the only furniture project I completed}, the other projects took a backseat.
  • complete couch to 5k training – Yay! I did it! More on that tomorrow!
  • start and finish book four
  • research (timeline, cost, tools) online and local sewing and calligraphy classes for my 101 in 1001 I’ve found an online calligraphy class and am going to have a sewing lesson with one of my friends!
  • invite and host neighbors for dinner
  • start working on 2013 photo book

Although I didn’t complete as many things as I wanted, I’m glad we made memories and accomplished the things we did!

Now for some new {and recurring} goals for the month of March!

  • purchase or make bookends for G’s desk
  • start and finish book five {and finish book four}
  • try three dinner new recipes
  • start couch to 10k
  • hang pictures in living room
  • finish desk
  • host neighbors for dinner
  • continue working on 2013 photo book
  • begin planning for friends’ baby showers

What are you working on in March?


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