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bancakes fail

Sometimes I have successes to write about {like paying off all of our debt!} and sometimes I have failures. Today is one of the latter. {wommmmmp, womppppp.}

Last Wednesday I planned to make breakfast for dinner and instead of making our go to out of the box pancakes, I decided to try and meet one of my March goals and try a new recipe I saw on Pinterest: 3 ingredient pancakes.

The recipe called for 1 ripe banana, 2 eggs, and {optional} cinnamon.  Easy enough and slightly more healthy than regular pancakes, making me not feel so guilty about serving my husband cake as our main course for dinner, right?

I mixed up the ingredients and the consistency was much like regular pancakes.  The directions said to make the pancakes on the smaller side since they can be hard to flip so onto the griddle the small pancakes went.

Well what the directions didn’t say was that when you go to flip the “pancake” the entire bottom will come off on your spatula. Also when you press them to make sure they are cooked all the way through, a noise resembling a baby pig squeal will occur.

Pressing on and hoping that the worst was behind me, I gathered pieces of “pancakes” from the griddle and put them on a plate along with eggs.  G and I both ate and at first the taste wasn’t so bad {kind of like banana bread soggy banana bread} but it only got worse as the pancakes got cold.  And that’s with the excessive amount of butter and syrup I used, canceling out any “healthy hopes” this recipe gave me.

pancake fail | Atwell AdventuresSo to the four people that repinned this recipe before I deleted it this morning – be warned; I hope things go better for you and your bancakes {my new term for them since they are no longer allowed in our house}.


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