Monthly Goals

april 2014 goals

Like I mentioned yesterday, today I started my first job since being married so with that comes new schedules, responsibilities and commitments, so personal goals are as important as ever.  This month, I’ve got a few things from 101 in 1001 list so hopefully if I complete them, I’ll be able to check them off that list too! So here we go with April goals!

  • drink 72 oz of coffee water a day {#46 on my 101 in 1001 list}
  • finish Couch to 10k (#51 on my list)
  • walk or run 3 miles a day {#55 on my 101 in 1001 list}
  • use Kitchenaid Mixer once a week –  one of those being to make homemade bread
  • host Sara’s baby shower
  • stay on top of meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking

I did well on my March goals!  The desk and photo book are still a projects to be done, but good things take time, right?:)

  • purchase or make bookends for G’s desk We now have two horse friends:)
  • start and finish book five {and finish book four} here’s my running book list
  • try three dinner new recipes {tried two new recipes – pesto pasta bake, bancakes -BOOOOO!}
  • start couch to 10k still going strong with the schedule! my breathing is another story 😉
  • hang pictures in living room {you can see some of the pictures in the post about our neighbor dinner}
  • finish desk
  • host neighbors for dinner {yay! so share dinner with some of our neighbors!
  • continue working on 2013 photo book
  • begin planning for friends’ baby showers {dates are picked and invitiations are being worked on for the first one!}

So let’s get started with April!  Do you have any goals this month?


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