High Five for Friday

high five for friday

Happy Friday! {wait, it is Friday, right?} 🙂

1. High five for seeing the biggest, most beautiful double rainbow I’ve ever seen this past Sunday.  Always thankful for a reminder of God’s faithfulness and promises!  Speaking of faithfulness, high five for starting my new job this week!

double rainbow | Atwell Adventures

2. High five for a fun market near our house!

good earth | Atwell Adventures

good earth | Atwell Adventures

3. High five for a new month and new goals!

4. We turned in our blanket for Project Linus last night at our home group! High five for my husband helping me on this project!

G and Beth

5. We’ve got a visitor coming today in preparation for wedding #2 of the year! High five for getting to see family and friends Macon this weekend!

ps – Should this be my new high five for Friday picture? And yes… that was a real “advertisement” here in Augusta.

high five for Friday | Atwell Adventures


3 thoughts on “high five for friday

  1. Gosh, seriously that mannequin is cray, but you should see some of the creepy ones in storefronts downtown, they may take the cake. Like evil demon child mannequin at ShoAn’s(sp?). Love your blog and love your new job!

  2. aaack ive seen a story about the creepy moving mannequins, supposedly theres really something to it. so creep.

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