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a current screenshot of my phone

So this may be the most random compilation of thoughts, but here is what a current screenshot of my phone says about my new schedule…


1.) A software update is available but I don’t have enough storage space. {why can’t I make this badge go away like the rest of them?!} Hopefully – I’ll find take some time this weekend to dump photos because it certainly isn’t happening tonight.  #WhyAmIStillAwake

2.) At 10pm, I have 42% battery life and I haven’t charged my phone since 9am. At this point, Feedly and Instagram are practically strangers in my life.

3.) Last but certainly not least, 255 EMAILS IN MY NEW TO ME INBOX {all caps to emphasize the seriousness of this issue, HA!}. Unlike the software update, I could remove this little reminder of a mountain of emails I can’t wait to sort through, but instead I’m using it as motivation to get to those as sooner rather than later.

And now you know a little more about me, how my mind works, and my interest in apps. {sorry for scaring you before you go to bed}

ps – thanks for all the prayers, kind words, and well wishes! a big TWO THUMBS UP for my new adventure 🙂


3 thoughts on “a current screenshot of my phone

  1. I need to send you a screenshot of my unread messages, it is sitting at 4,925. I’m not important, I just haven’t read messages for the past five years. Lol.

    1. I turned G’s red notification off on his phone because I hated seeing a number in the 700’s… I’m twitching thinking about almost 5,000. #DeleteThemAlllllllll

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