31 days

31 days – fall 2013 – establishing community

Have you ever joined a gym only to never go? {raises virtual hand…}

I think gyms and churches are alike in some ways.

People join the gym {church} with the best intentions… “I’m going to go every day it’s open.”

Two weeks later, they’re down to once a week – if that – and not to mention, ready to leave as soon as they get there.

There are exercise classes {small groups} available, but they decide they’re going to save those for when they have extra time or for when they “really get in shape”.  They begin to miss out on the community formed inside these walls and even the accountability that can be developed in the sessions, all because they don’t want to be vulnerable or uncomfortable.

Still with me?

Yesterday I talked about how it was important for us to find a new church as newlyweds. But we knew we didn’t want to just find one and join – we wanted to build our muscles and get stronger:)

I’ll be the first to say that being the new person anywhere is always a little bit uncomfortable.  But every time we try something new, whether it’s Sunday School, a new service, or my latest endeavor a quilting class{!}, the Lord is faithful in establishing a community around us and growing us more.

And right now during these early days of marriage, quality community is so important to us! Just like accountability partners at the gym are helpful in making sure you are staying on track, the other members of the church are there to support us as we seek God’s will for our lives and encourage us to keep putting Him first in all things.

What ways are you involved in your church?

31 days - newlyweds | Atwell Adventures


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