101 in 1001 · About Our Savior

1. become members of a church in our new home

Last October when I listed out my 101 in 1001, the first thing on my list was to become members of a church in our new home.

Now I’ll admit writing that out seems on a “to-do” list {especially in the first spot} might seem strange to some, but for us being active in a local, healthy church has always been important to us as individuals and now as a family.

When we began the process of finding a new church last September in North Carolina {before I wrote my 101}, we knew we were only going to be there a few months. Because of our short time, we made the decision that we would get involved in the church as much as possible but would wait until we knew where we would be in a few months before joining.  We were happy to find a church that helped us grow, held us accountable, and helped us in establishing community around us during our time together in North Carolina.

Fast forward to November when we found out we were moving to the Augusta area. We quickly started looking online for a new church. We knew that this being a more permanent move, we wanted to find a church that faithfully preached the Gospel, was apart of the community, challenged us to grow, and allow us to serve.

Thankfully, the Lord provided a church for us and we were able to visit our first weekend here in December.  After visiting the church for a month, learning more about it, meeting the pastors, and praying about our decision, we decided to take steps toward membership and now we are happy to call Berea Baptist Church our church home!

It’s only been a little over three months since our first time at Berea, but we are so thankful for the church family God has given us here and can’t wait serve and grow with them!


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