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celebration station

Valentine’s 2014 and G’s 27th birthday are in the books. This was our first Valentines together {last year G was in California, and the year before we hadn’t even met!} so I was happy we were able to spend both days together this year!

I knew G was getting me something for Valentines but I wasn’t sure what it would be. He just told me I wasn’t allowed to look at our bank account for the days leading up to Valentines Day {#JointCheckingProbz}.

A delivery man showed up on Friday with these beauties and some chocolate while G was at work. So sweet!  I decided not to get him flowers but instead went with an Olympics themed Valentines {because nothing says love to a guy like “USA! USA! USA!”. Wait, what?} I made him a “I won the gold when I met and married you” card, “gold medal” cookies, and found a Team USA Olympics tee. Practical, no?

Valentines | Atwell Adventures 2

Friday night was spent at home as planned and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Grilled pizza, brownies, and You’ve Got Mail? Yes, please, and thank you.

Saturday night we ventured out to the mall for some window shopping and then we pre-gamed dinner with UNO {yes, the card game} at Barnes & Noble. Again, wouldn’t have had it any other way 🙂 Valentines | Atwell Adventures We headed to a late dinner and sometime after our soup, things started to get a little foggy for me.  I remember not feeling 100% when I was eating my entree, but by the time I got home I thought for sure I had food poisoning. Ha! Thankfully, I think it was just the combination of eating a very full meal later than normal.  By morning I was golden.

When Sunday came around it was time to switch over to celebrate G’s birthday mode!  While he was taking a nap, I snuck out for “groceries” but really just went to pick up Krispy Kreme.  How cute is this tin that Krispy Kreme was selling? Maybe doughnuts will be a birthday-eve tradition?

G 27 | Atwell Adventures 5

For his actual birthday, we had dinner at The Chop House.  The atmosphere was a little different than expected, but we both really enjoyed dinner and the service. And bless, he even smiled for a picture with the cake that he didn’t want them to bring.G 27 | Atwell Adventures 4

At dinner, I gave him a card – the first part of his birthday present.  It was “tickets” to a Braves game of his choice.  I thought it would be a good idea to let him decide what game he wants to go to most and I’ll take the rest of the planning from there. The second part of his present was hidden at home in our guest shower – a Braves basket, complete with foam finger!  This was fun basket to put together, minus the baseball cookies I made that qualify for the “nailed it” website.G 27 | Atwell Adventures 3

I’ll give you one guess which ones were store bought…G 27 | Atwell Adventures 2Since G had dessert at dinner, I decided to wait and serve his cake last night at dinner.  Since it was just the two of us, I made sure to sing Happy Birthday as loud as I could.  By the expression he is making in the picture below, I obviously “nailed it” on the song!  

G 27 | Atwell AdventuresSo glad I got to celebrate you, G!



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