High Five for Friday

high five for friday

Waddup, Friday!

This is a late post for me so please excuse any weird expressions… It’s the sleepiness talking {or is it?}.

1. Yesterday I made my first solo trip to Macon. It was weird and sad not driving with Gary but thankfully, I’ll get to see him tomorrow afternoon!

2. Tonight we celebrated my sweet niece Addie’s 1st birthday! Happy Birthday, Adelyn!

3. Speaking of nieces {and nephews}, I got to see all nine of my little loves today! {And they all asked where G was. #Bless}

4. Tomorrow morning some of our family is running the Cantrell 5K. The last time I did this race, I walked it and pushed my niece in a stroller. Less than 200 yards into the race, she threw up. #Memories Here’s to more memories tomorrow, and hopefully none that involve throw up 🙂

5. Tomorrow I get to see Sara who happens to be one of the pregnant friends I mentioned last week! Can’t wait to see her and pat Baby Boy Mac!

Happy weekend!


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