With Our Family

40 hours in macon

This past Thursday I made a quick trip to Macon {where most of my family lives} and like any quick trip to see 20 people, it was busy!

On Friday night I got to celebrate my niece Addie’s first birthday!  This little girl loves seeing herself in the camera, and I love seeing her love herself in the camera!

Addie Selfie

After carb-loading on pizza Friday night, some of us woke up Saturday morning for a 5k.  Clearly, we were the top five finishers.

Finish Line

And a 5k with family wouldn’t be complete without a post-run trip to Starbucks. {photo not included but just imagine a beautiful caramel macchiato’s with two of my four sisters} #TreatYoSelf

Before I drove back home on Saturday afternoon, the stars aligned and I got to see Sara! Sara and I worked together my last year in Macon, and although it was only a year, it was a big year in my life {dating G, engagement, wedding planning} and Sara was a “fabulous” friend through all that chaos.  This was the first time we’ve been able to see each other since July – and bonus – this was the first time to see her since her and her husband announced they were pregnant!


I love weekends like this 🙂 Thankful for family and friends that make life so sweet!


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