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new kitchen gadgets

A few weeks ago I was searching for hacks on how to make espresso in your coffee maker {spoiler alert: you really can’t}.

When we registered for our wedding, one of our dream items was a coffee/espresso machine.  Thankfully, everyone who gave us gift was wise and no one purchased the beast. Now I know the only place I would want one of those is a built in cabinet and I currently do not have built in cabinets.

So what was I to do? Keep on spending $3+ every time I wanted a latte? Fine by me! Nope.

So back to google searching.  I found this stovetop espresso maker and handheld milk frother – both which had good reviews.

Bialetti Moka Express | Atwell AdventuresAerolatte Handheld Milk Frother | Atwell Adventures Since we had a $40 wedding gift card to Pottery Barn, we decided to use it for these purchases {Williams Sonoma is a sister store}.  With the gift card, both of them combined only cost us $20. Score! 

I’m still perfecting my latte skills, but so far I’m loving this alternative to my traditional coffee and cream.

ps – Does anyone know how much an actual espresso shot is? I have a feeling I’m drinking way more than normal. {Insert wide eye emoji here}

pss – Want to see other items we registered for and love? Visit my “things I love” pinterest board!


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