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moving in… together

After we finished packing up and driving north, we finally made it to Hampstead around 12:30 early Tuesday morning.

It was a surreal feeling walking into our apartment – our first home – knowing this would be the place we would spend at least the first 5 months of our marriage. Once again, I’m grateful for the Lord providing a place for us and giving us exactly what we needed during our time here.

The next morning we made a pot of coffee, a quick run drive to The Bagel Bakery, and then we were all set for move-in day.  I asked Gary what time he thought we could have the truck unloaded by and he said 12 o’clock.  Psssssh… please. I sort of laughed inside because I knew there was no way we were ever going to unload the whole truck in 2.5 hours, especially with me as his helper.  We started working away, finding our groove, moving the bigger pieces of furniture when we reached them, and finally we finished.  Oh but wait, there was still my car to unload! Fabulous news on another hot summer day {but this time there were no popsicles involved}. We started unloading my car since we were in our move-groove and once we finished, I looked at the clock and it was 11:30!  We came in under his time by 30 minutes. Cue the high fives and cheering…

I still don’t know how we things moved that quickly.  Or maybe I do.  While everything was in the apartment, it wasn’t necessarily organized in the apartment.

We started looking a little something like this…


and quickly transformed to this.  {please note there’s a whole lot of brown wanting to be painted…}

And things always get worse before they get better, right? So one hour later, after opening all of our wedding gifts, things looked, um… beautiful.


But this is where things start to get really fun for me. Now that everything was out – we had to organize it all! I guess you could say I have a weird way of doing things.  I don’t mind if I create a total mess in order to get organized, so that’s kind of what we did.  There was no way I could go to sleep that night knowing an episode of hoarders could be filmed in my living room.

The rest of the afternoon was so spent putting things away in the guest room, and organizing enough dishes to start a restaurant.  See the tabletop?


And after most of our work was done, G decided to take the dinner reins and made a call to Dominos.


Good call, G, good call…


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