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dirty laundry

No, not that kind of dirty laundry. Maybe I’ll post about that eventually.  Today we are talking about the adventure of laundry day, which I must say is definitely not as fun as our ziplining in St. Lucia.

{Dear future Rachel: when you read this and have a job, children, and more than one bed in your house, please don’t hate newly-wed Rachel for complaining about three loads of laundry.}

If you follow me on instagram, twitter, or facebook, then yesterday you might have seen what part of my Monday schedule includes – lots of quarters.  Thirty-six to be exact – and all in the name of laundry.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 8.34.17 AM

We considered purchasing a washer and dryer for our apartment before we got married but when we thought about the cost and having to move it, we decided not to. And now every Monday’s I wonder why {just kidding, G, I’m being dramatic, sort of}.

My pre-game routine goes a little something like this:

  1. Find shorts and tank top. {The laundry room at our apartment complex becomes a heat chamber by the end of three dryer cycles, so tshirt and jeans will not work on laundry day.}
  2. Pull linens off the bed. {Also pray that it isn’t time to wash the duvet cover.}
  3. Grab towels from the bathrooms and kitchen.
  4. Merge our dirty clothes into one basket.  {This is the hardest step for me, especially when I find a certain someone’s workout shirt that is still sweaty – gag – next to my clothes. I still love you, G.}

Then it’s off to the laundry room with three large baskets, detergent, oxy clean and dryer sheets.  Did I mention sometimes I spill things when I get there?


The next two hours involve a thirty minute wash {do things REALLY get clean in thirty minutes???}, searching for the dryer sheets {once they were the linens that I washed: FAIL}, an hour long dry to make the room approximately 130°, throwing things back into the baskets, and heading home for folding {the first week I tried folding in the 130° room and started almost passed out by the third fold}.

Then I take a whole week to black out the memories of the process and then its wash, rinse, repeat all over again.


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