Atwell Adventures

192 hours

Last Wednesday began 192 hours of moving {that’s eight days for those who don’t want to do the math}.

In my December goals I said that I wanted to be unpacked/arranged within a few days – meaning 3 or 4 because the size of our apartment. But as I watched the movers begin wrapping/packing all of our stuff with more paper and cardboard than I knew existed, I realized it might take longer.

We finished unpacking most of the house on Sunday and yesterday I {finally} finished going through the boxes in the guest room, a room I had been avoiding.  While that room is still not functional, I’m resting a little easier knowing that all of our stuff is out of a box and that we can finally say goodbye to the smell of cardboard.

Completing the move process, my car arrived this morning – yay for freedom and being able to leave the house without a chaperone {aka G}.  Just kidding… I like having a chaperone:)

Now onto résumé‎s, cover letters, taking pictures of our new place, bookshelf hunting, addressing Christmas cards when they arrive, and Christmas shopping.

Is Christmas REALLY only 13 days away?!

Atwell Adventures

we moved!

Whew… we are back in Georgia and in our new home!

These last few days have been busy and tiring {which I’m sure is just a preview of the month ahead} but we are so excited and so grateful.

We’ve almost completely unpacked and have organized the master bedroom/closet/bathroom, living room, and kitchen, so my to do list includes organizing and sorting the remaining items in the guest bedroom and laundry room.  Well, that’s my short term to do list anyways.  There’s always decorating and rearranging to be done, right?

Until then, I’ll be blasting Sovereign Grace Music pandora station and burning my Christmas Cookie candle.


Atwell Adventures

saying goodbye to our first home

As I’m surrounded by organized chaos in our apartment and waiting for the movers to arrive, it’s hard to believe that our time here is done.

Moving here in July was unlike any move I’d ever done before {and I’m not just talking about the husband part}.

I moved here knowing that more than likely at the beginning of the new year, we would be looking for a new place to live. Little did we know, it would actually happen in December!

Shortly after I got settled, I asked G to pray that I would open my heart to the people God was surrounding us with. Sometimes I can keep to myself – especially if I know that my time with someone will be short term.

Thankfully God allowed me to be open and in that process He allowed me to meet some wonderful people here.

From our friends through church to other officers and their wives, it’s interesting all the different people we’ve met in such a short time {I guess the fact it’s a military community helps that too}.

Telling all of them goodbye was sad, but it’s exciting to see all the people we added to our “family” these last few months.

Thanks to all of you for making our time here wonderful! We love you!