Atwell Adventures

192 hours

Last Wednesday began 192 hours of moving {that’s eight days for those who don’t want to do the math}.

In my December goals I said that I wanted to be unpacked/arranged within a few days – meaning 3 or 4 because the size of our apartment. But as I watched the movers begin wrapping/packing all of our stuff with more paper and cardboard than I knew existed, I realized it might take longer.

We finished unpacking most of the house on Sunday and yesterday I {finally} finished going through the boxes in the guest room, a room I had been avoiding.  While that room is still not functional, I’m resting a little easier knowing that all of our stuff is out of a box and that we can finally say goodbye to the smell of cardboard.

Completing the move process, my car arrived this morning – yay for freedom and being able to leave the house without a chaperone {aka G}.  Just kidding… I like having a chaperone:)

Now onto résumé‎s, cover letters, taking pictures of our new place, bookshelf hunting, addressing Christmas cards when they arrive, and Christmas shopping.

Is Christmas REALLY only 13 days away?!


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