Monthly Goals

march 2016 goals

I promise I didn’t forget I have a blog – but I may forgotten some of my February goals 🙂

  • complete reading assignments – check!
  • walk and run three times a week – *crickets chirping* 😳
  • host a fellowship at our house – actually hosted two!
  • work through my Write Now book – started two lessons
  • try three new recipes – I honestly don’t remember
  • establish a new morning routine that includes getting out of bed upon waking up – still working on this… Any tips?
  • and of course – celebrate G’s birthday! – this was the easiest of all 🙂

And here’s what I’ll be trying to accomplish in March…

  • complete reading assignments
  • update my 101 list – it’s been so long!
  • establish a morning routine
  • pack seasonal/unused items
  • continue house hunting
  • celebrate our risen Savior
  • organize files
  • book hotel for June conference
  • find plants for our hanging baskets
  • plan weekends to visit our families and to go camping

Do you have any March goals?


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