Monthly Goals

april 2016 goals

Happy April from the Augusta, Georgia area!

Spring has sprung and I’m LOVING all of the green around our city right now! The cool breezy weather and a little tournament called The Masters is probably not hurting my excitement either.

March is a little bit of a blur and I’m not really sure how it went by as fast as it did. One of the reasons I miss blogging is capturing the day to day and being able to reflect back on the “moments in between” so I hope to get more back into a routine with it in the next few weeks and months.

Here’s what got tackled in March…

  • complete reading assignments
  • update my 101 list – it’s been so long! finally updated, but I have alot of goals to knock out by July 12th!)
  • establish a morning routine I love when my mornings have order. I feel like it sets me up for  a better day!
  • pack seasonal/unused items – organized a few spaces but didn’t feel like packing would be wise yet
  • continue house hunting stillllll looking. We’re learning alot in this season – most of all patience and trust in God’s timing:)
  • celebrate our risen Savior He is RISEN! I love Easter more and more each year.
  • organize files
  • book hotel for June conference check!
  • find plants for our hanging baskets Thanks to a friend, I picked up some big, beautiful ferns! Now my spring/summer goal is to keep them alive 🙂
  • plan weekends to visit our families and to go camping

And here’s what’s going on for April!

  • make and take a treat to our neighbors
  • purchase new phone and set it up; list old one for sale
  • work on wedding album (larger goal – to have it in our hands by our 3rd anni in July!)
  • find baskets for bathroom storage and purge toiletries
  • sew a tableskirt
  • continue looking for a house 🙂

What do you have going on in April?


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