Monthly Goals

february 2016 goals

Well its been a hot minute since I’ve done monthly goals or updated my blog in general.  I’m going to these past few months for that. And maybe a little laziness on my part too.

While I’m “still in the water” so to speak, I finally feel like my head is in fact not under and I’m able to breathe.  What a glorious feeling that is.

These past couple of months have reminded me to surrender control, be ok with the undone, and rely on my Father for grace through change. {note: I apologize to anyone who has tried to have a normal conversation with me the last few months, especially you, G – thank you for loving and listening to my ever flowing thoughts}. 

I skipped January goals and although it was a needed break, I know I do better with a little motivation in the form of a to-do list 🙂 So monthly goals – let’s get to them! 

  • complete reading assignments
  • walk and run three times a week
  • host a fellowship at our house
  • work through my Write Now book 
  • try three new recipes
  • establish a new morning routine – that includes getting out of bed upon waking up 
  • and of course – celebrate G’s birthday!

Let’s do this, February!


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