High Five for Friday

high five for friday

The first week of 2015 is done and so far, so good! Here’s what’s been going…

1. We finally found a better scale coffee table for our living room! I’ve been looking for one off and on, and found one on Craigslist over the holidays. High five for the coffee table, the sweet owners we got to meet through the sale, and the makeover project I’m brainstorming!

2. On Monday, I had a lot of time to think through this year. High five for new goals and habits being put into place!

3. A friend let me borrow a copy of “Unbroken” a couple of months ago, and I finally opened it this week. So far I’ve loved it! High five for a book that makes you feel like you’re an eyewitness!

4. One of my goals for this year is to establish an earlier and more productive morning routine. High five for making progress the first week of 2015!

5. Last but certainly not least, my sister is in labor and my new niece should be here sometime today! High five for welcoming this little miracle into the world!

Happy Friday, friends!


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